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Refrigerator Repair in Carrollton TX - (469) 382-3910

We cover all refrigerator repair needs from the extra large jobs to the smallest leaks or repairs.

So if your household is in need of some refrigerator repair attention or replacement of refrigerator parts in Carrollton TX, call on us right away. We’d be delighted to arrive promptly to exceed your expectations. Try us out today in Carrollton TX.

We’re confident that you’ll be glad that you entrusted your service needs to us. We give excellent discounts on our repair services, so ask about what bargains you can get today. Our client base in Carrollton TX is extensive and we’d be proud for you to join us. We offer help with pesky refrigerator parts and all types of refrigerator repair in Carrollton TX.

Refrigerator maintenance is highly recommended, and also available as a valued service, so book your appointment now. Contact us right away and we can be there as promptly as possible to deliver primo Carrollton refrigerator repair for your household. We recognize just how much each family relies on their major household appliances. Everything comes to a halt in the home when experiencing appliance repair issues. We put our customers’ needs ahead of our own, by working quickly and offering extended hours of operation.

We know how to make this repair process as smooth and painless as possible. We strive to be as minimally invasive as possible when visiting your home for refrigerator repair in Carrollton TX. We are able to replace older and even rare refrigerator parts that some companies have trouble locating. Give our company a call. We promise to do our part to make your home a better place.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Want an interesting history lesson? Albert Einstein was one of two inventors responsible for the refrigerator. Along with his student, Leo Szilard, he obtained a patent for the refrigerator in 1930. The issue with previous refrigerator models was the toxicity of the coolants that were used. He created the concept of a basic, pressure-absorbing refrigerator, after he found out about a family that did while sleeping because of a coolant leak from their refrigerator. This just goes to show, he was a true pioneer.


Rapid Appliance Repair of Carrollton

1351 North Denton Drive, Carrollton, TX 75006

(469) 382-3910
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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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